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Hotel in the Old Town of Rhodes

The Old Town

Hotel Olympos is located in the heart of the medieval town of Rhodes. 

Visit the beautiful stone-built Old Town and walk through the Knights of St. John's quarters.

The Old Town of Rhodes is not in ruins like other parts of the world but it is a bustling neighborhood of about 6,000 people, who live and work in the same buildings where the Knights lived about 6 centuries ago. As a living monument of the past it must be almost unique in Europe, if not in the world.

The Old Town is divided into two parts:

The northern part, which was the inner fortress of the Knights, known as the Castello, housed the official buildings.
The southern part called the Chora, where the Greeks, the Europeans who were not members of the Order, and the Jews lived.

These two parts of the city were separated by a wall that ran roughly parallel to the line of Socrates Street, the old Bazaar.